SERV HnB Ally Pally Show

SERV HnB will be attending the Alexandra Palace Motorcycle Show being staged in North London and sponsored by the ACE Cafe - London - on the 26/27/28th of February 2010.

Volunteers are needed for the set up of our stand on Friday the 26th of February from 10.00hrs until about 13.00hrs only.

Volunteers are needed for our stand on Saturday the 27th of February from 09.30hrs 'til 17.00hrs.

Volunteers are needed for our stand on Sunday the 28th of February from 09.30hrs 'til 17.00hrs + break up of the stand afterwards.

Ace Cafe - London are now running this event this year and have put rather severe restrictions on how many Volunteer tickets are available to each Charity Stand for each day. As  a direct result we are limited to providing complimentary tickets on a 1st volunteer 1st will receive tickets ONLY if you volunteer for a FULL DAY. If you are only able to volunteer for 1/2 a day or less, because we can only have 5 or 6 tickets for each day then these MUST be given to those who are volunteering for a FULL DAY - SORRY! We only have 1 exhibitors Free Parking Ticket too, so if you cannot volunteer to transport ALL our Kit for the weekend & ALSO pick it up afterwards too, then you will have to find a Free parking space in front of the Ally Pally and come in via the front entrance.

Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news but I'm only passing on what I have been given.

Please Volunteer to our Events Co-ordinator - Alan Wilkinson on 07858 914 512 or via email on asap please.

If you can Volunteer as our Kit Transporter please contact the Co-ordinator on or 07791 329 824

Your Committee has decided that we will be attempting to portray a Corporate and Professional image and ALL Volunteers will therefore be expected to wear a SERV Polo Shirt with black below the waist [please yourself, be it leathers, trousers or fishnet tights or a thong [only good legs may apply]; you will also be given the 1st opportunity to buy at a VASTLY REDUCED RATE SERV Corporate Logoed headgear, consisting of Baseball Caps and Beanie Hats - normally £7 per item, on the day one of each £5]!

Please contact the Co-ordinator for your Polo Shirts too.
I hope to see you all there! 

Co-ordinator = S