Welwyn's Festival of Fun Day, Saturday 26th of June 2010

posted 29 Jun 2010, 03:28 by Steve Washington   [ updated 30 Jun 2010, 06:42 ]

SERV members Dave Wilson and John Higham engage Carl Storer deputy Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield

during his stroll around the Festival - something along the lines of, well I would love to contribute to your Charity,

after all I was unwell recently and may have had some of your deliveries, but, like the Queen, I NEVER carry money around with me? 

Ah? well - Dave Wilson never known to give up tries his luck with a younger Festival visitor even
though he was on his way to buy an ice cream, he however lost out to Dave and had to tip his cash into Dave's bucket,
aww poor lad? He was seen to run away crying, "Mummy that 'orrible man took my ice cream money."
So then guys, what do you think, did we mug enough kids today or could we have got more money?