Wax-A-Thon September 2011

posted 14 Sep 2011, 13:50 by Tim Owen   [ updated 22 Sep 2011, 10:34 ]


Gates Ford Showroom, Stevenage

They say no pain, no gain…………But SERV Hertsbeds gained big time thanks to the pain endured by 5 brave souls at the Ford showroom.

Staff members came up with the idea of getting parts of their bodies waxed after a 5yr old cousin of some of them, had lifesaving blood delivered by the Blood runners, as he underwent treatment for leukaemia. Last week was his last chemo, and the bone marrow results looked good.

And boy did they suffer. I watched as they endured the torture (some in a more manly way than others…..you know who you are).

The brave and generous men and what they had waxed is as follows…..

David Lewis………shaved head

Nathen Rook……Legs

Jamie warner……Back

Jack Bull……….Legs

Ray Chipperfield……Chest

To say they all suffered equally would be true, but if I had to judge. The sorest skin afterwards belonged to Ray, who’s chest was red raw. And loudest screams came from Jack, who in fairness did have very hairy legs.

Alan from SERV joined me just in time to see Jack in full flow.

On the plus side they did all get after waxing cream rubbed in by the gang of ladies who had stripped them of their body hair.

On a serious note I cannot start to express mine and SERV Hertsbeds gratitude for what you went through and the money you raised…

And on a personal note how grateful I was that nobody decided to wax the man on the bike! Though it was windy on the way up the A1M and that took care of my chest hair,

Thanks again Guys. You are stars