Watford Starlight Walk - 22nd June 2013

posted 19 Jul 2013, 10:47 by Timotheus O

Watford Starlight Walk


SERV (Herts & Beds) were again this year asked to provide Motorcycle Escorts for the Starlight Walk where in excess of 1,100 women walk either 6 or 13 miles to raise funds for our local Peace Hospice.


We provided six bike riders and after arriving early to meet with the organisers the route was ridden to familiarise ourselves (which includes taking our bikes through the town’s pedestrian precinct and Cassiobury Park).


The event commenced on time at 21.00 with a sea of women heading into the town all wearing their Starlight T shirts and for this year illuminated bobbling head bands (which made them far easier to see). The event is very well marshalled and organised but we earned our presence assisting in getting the women over some busy junctions as the bikes made managing the traffic far more effective. Throughout the event we continued to provide a visual presence that walkers advised was reassuring.


As the night continued it was traditional for the rain to come and soon after we had a collapsed walker who needed medical attention. The paramedics were soon on scene along the with an ambulance. However, this incident closed the pavement and again we were able to position our bikes to provide a protected ‘corridor’ for the walkers to pass.


After a long evening  refreshments were provided to all entrants (and SERV riders) at the Coliseum. Everyone who took part that we came into contact with had a great time walking and raising funds for an exceptionally good cause and we were delighted to have played a small part into the smooth running of the night.


Duncan C Woods