Waitrose Commmunity Matters St Albans.

posted 3 Jul 2012, 15:08 by Timotheus O   [ updated 14 Jul 2012, 05:28 by David Wilson ]
On Thursday 28th June Mark Jenkins and I attended a coffee morning at Waitrose St Albans to be presented with a cheque. Fortunately! our Treasurer Nick Bailey could not go as he was away on business, coffee and cake plus biscuits were very acceptable.(hard luck nick). We had applied for inclusion into their "Community Matters Scheme some time ago and had been accepted for the month of May.

The cheque for £472.00 was presented by Georgie Durbin who runs the the scheme for this branch. Each charity present was asked to say a few words and while saying my piece invited all present to have their picture taken by our two livered bikes,which I am pleased to say they all agreed. (see photo)
We have also heard that ASDA are now copying the Waitrose scheme so if you feel inclined drop in get the form fill it in and get us on the list I would be very grateful. Please advise me if you apply and to which branch. I can also offer some written words about our group for inclusion in the application. 
Best Regards
Dave Wilson