Abbey Gardens & Flitwick Tesco & Bikefest - August 18th & 19th 2012

posted 29 Aug 2012, 13:51 by Timotheus O   [ updated 29 Aug 2012, 14:13 ]
Well it could not have been better if you had  planned it. Saturday was the heatwave and Sunday was not too shabby either.
So this was one of our busier weekends for quite some time. Three events in in two days,Amanda ByattCare Foundation Fun Day at Waltham Abbey Gardens,which we were asked to support earlier in the year. Flitwick Tesco which was a planned fundraiser and Bikefest at The Herts Fire and Rescue Training School Stevenage.
Alan Wilkinson,Stephanie Evans and in the afternoon John Winchester staffed the SERV Gazebo at Abbey Gardens. Stephanie who had a few days prior to this passed her assessment ride on the Deauville,came up to Aston, left her bike in my garage and took the Deauville to the Fun Day. This day for us was not about fundraising but supporting the Care Foundation which we were pleased to do. Those that went told me that they had a real fun day as everyone was in the party spirit.

On the same day we sent the gruesome twosome (Mark Jenkins and Neil the rapier wit of the pen Langley) to Tesco at Flitwick along with I am taller than you Adrian Vaughan and your nicked John Warner. A successful day even though we were in competition with another charity and the Big Issue seller. The team for all that were well looked after with drinks being brought out by the staff at regular intervals. Reports are that all were pleased when 4pm came round and they could beat a hasty retreat to the cool.  Total Raised £439.58

Sunday arrived and the weather still looked promising. We arrived at 8.30 the site was buzzing with activity.  The trials area was being made in the yard, which involved riding over 6yd skips along old Fire Service ladders and any other rubbish including cars to make it challenging for the rider. Sparky the stunt/daredevil rider was in the second yard and was preparing his bikes. As I went looking for the organiser "Budge Burgess" the Rock Group decided to tune up,so I beat a hasty retreat.
We were soon given a space for our Gazebo which Alan Wilkinson had kindly brought up from Waltham Abbey. Our space this year was double the size and a bit more so all our bikes an equipment were easily stowed and the liveried bikes exhibited.

The day warmed up quickly with some  members changing into shorts from very early on( ok it was me)! I was soon put in my place though by John Wigglesworth who had the proper style dark shorts on. Mine looked better?
Again not a great fundraiser on the day but this year we are to receive a donation from the days takings in due course. 
But what was good, was that we have 10 serious enquiries during the day with all members present doing their share of talking to visitors. Lets hope that some of these enquires develop into full members. This years show was much bigger with more trade stands and more visitors. The theme was bike safety and the show had been funded with £4000.00 to make it work. Thank you Budge and your team for a great job in organising the day.

To our team a big thanks to the following for attending and giving up a Sunday :- Steve Levet, William Susman, Duncan Woods, Alan Wilkinson, Tim Owen, John Dean, Christine Dean, Dave Perks, Mark Jenkins.