Sainsbury’s Hoddesdon


I headed off to Sainsbury’s on a bright, reasonably warm spring day for a change. No need for multi layers of clothing this time around.

Great day to be on a motorbike, but unfortunately I had the usual promotional gear on board so was restricted to the car.

I arrived early and expected a little free time to gather my thoughts. No such luck. Roy and Roger “The Ego” Elvin arrived a short while afterwards.

We set up shop and were soon joined by Nick who arrived on an old classic.

The morning team was complete and ready to do business.


Nick, Roy and The Ego

And Me


Spotting a chance to talk about two of his favourite things… himself and old motorbike, Roger barged me out of the way and started chatting with Nick.



The morning passed quickly. The usual friendly rivalry and digs about what aftershave I wear began…I can’t help it if women want to give me their money.

Then it was time for a shift change. Out went Roger and Nick to be replaced by Mark.



And Ian

The team was on top form and the money kept rolling in, along with interest in our organisation and a couple of possible volunteers.

The warm weather also made the pan and the mini moto very popular.

Derek, our store master, turned up selling SERV gear and membership cards out of the boot of his car. We refused to buy any once we realised it said SARV Herts Beds on everything

We also met twin brothers who drive identical 30mph disability scooters who swore blind they never race each other…..yeah right!

As the day wore on feet started to ache and I caught Roy having a crafty sit down. Luckily the camera on my phone is slow and didn’t capture the hand gesture offered by him seconds before I took this.



To save him the trouble I will own up to doing the same thing.

He calls this one ‘Man in comfortable shoes takes a breather.’

A great day as always with the shoppers being very generous and digging deep.

Helping us to raise over £900, our 3rd best day ever.

Thanks as always to the people at Sainsbury’s for letting us be there.


P.S     I feel an apology is required to all our regular followers. I know how disappointed you must have been with the lack of write up about the collection at Dunstable.

I myself was expecting a character assassination from certain TV stars, but nothing…I must be perfect and flawless.

Also I know Roger is hard at work on the script for his upcoming West End musical.

His life story put to music and dances……….

Can’t wait.