Sainsbury’s Bedford - 26th November 2011

posted 27 Nov 2011, 03:42 by Timotheus O   [ updated 27 Nov 2011, 10:41 ]


I awoke from my slumber to find a crisp, cold November Day. The birds chirped in the trees and the sun rose in the sky on a mission to warm up the land.

Autumn wasn’t going to give up that easily.

The quest that lay ahead… Sainsbury’s Bedford, and this grim morning was going to separate the men from the boys.

The men would arrive on noble metal steeds, dressed not in armour but hi-vis jackets, brandishing buckets not swords.

I on the other hand would be a BOY. Laden with buckets, mini Moto etc. I got into my car. A turn of the key and the reliable HONDA (keep the sponsors happy) engine roared into life. I was off cutting a path through the early morning mist, nothing could keep me from my goal, and the A1M was just ahead. Then suddenly…what was that?  Damn it, a puncture….looks like I would be stuck here on my “tod” for a while


Enough of that nonsense leave the arty farty stuff to Dave.

A quick wheel change later. Sporting a space saver spare that was thinner than the front wheel on my first motorbike, a Suzuki ER 50, I was running late and on my way.

I arrived to find Tim and John along with a strange sight. Roger the Ego Elvin had parked the Pan facing the wall and was just sitting there with his back to everyone? John quickly explained that at the NEC bike show this week the Honda stand had a blown up picture of a back end shot of Roger and the pan from the advert proudly on display.

We set up shop only for John to vanish and a strange man in red appear going HO, HO, HO and with a supply of sweets.

Roger soon got the hump at being upstaged by someone better known than him and threw a diva fit and went and stood alone at the other entrance.

John, sorry, secret Santa soon set about entertaining everyone. Giving out sweets to children and ladies who had been good this year. No sweets to men I noticed.

He did have a menacing way of telling people, Santa knows where you live!



The money started to roll in along with a few people interested in joining our organisation. We even met a lady whose mum had been a blood runner on a BSA in the 1960’s.

The gang was on a roll.




Unfortunately, Santa is a busy man at this time of year…well John has got bills to pay. So he had to leave us.

Who would fill the void left behind? Who would the kids and ladies come to see?

A distant rumble became louder……and Roy and Robin arrived, fresh from route training to save the day

The money was rolling in thick and fast. Robin set himself a challenge to see if he could spend Roy’s money on food at the same rate as it went into the buckets. He was doing well until the hot food counter ran out of stuff to sell. He then spent a little while sitting down, clutching his stomach and moaning to himself. Brave effort.

The one thing we did learn that was useful was what is Xmas 2011’s hot toy that all kids want.

The lifelike, remote control Roger the Ego Elvin Blood runner Toy.

Comes with gripping hands and real hair **

Children everywhere will be setting there alarms for the early hours of the morning when everyone is asleep. Creeping out of bed and out of the house so they can drive the remote control Roger up and down the dark deserted street.

The first hundred made come with a pull string that makes him say some of his famous phrases like” I have ridden Honda’s since I was 16 “ and “it’s the workhorse “

ONLY £9.99

Note…was £19.99 but price reduced to sell

***Note….false hair on body and face, real hair only applies to the toys head.

Thanks go out to the people of Bedford for a fun day and to Sainsbury’s for having us.