Sainsbury's Dunstable - Saturday October 8th 2011

posted 9 Oct 2011, 14:09 by Tim Owen   [ updated 9 Oct 2011, 14:19 ]

Sainsbury’s Dunstable

I arrived at Sainsbury’s in my car. No it wasn’t raining; I just had the mini motto, buckets and banner with me.

A short time later Roger arrived…………….

Roger (or Mr Ego as he has become known) has had some bad press and his share of knockers since his rise to fame on the TV advert.

I want to put the record straight………….

 Roger ( a close family friend of mine ),has not changed at all.He still mucks in, buys the tea’s and is as down to earth as he always was.

Sure, he may have arrived in a limo with a stunt double riding the Pan. Sure he may have demanded his own dressing room and personal chef. Sure all the staff of Sainsbury’s had to form a line and greet him with the store manager spreading fresh rose petals at his feet.

But apart from that nothing has changed.

We were then joined by Ian who is a newer member of SERV and event novice. His sense of humour shined through and he soon became part of the family.

Roger was soon bending his ear about his favourite subject……himself!



Later Clive arrived, followed by Derek and the gang was complete




Derek’s arrival led to a small diva style hissy fit from Mr Ego.

When presented with a new SERV T-shirt by Derek that was apparently one size too large, he kept protesting that you always appear bigger on television,


We got down to business and had a great time meeting and chatting to the very generous people of Dunstable.

Lots of children eager to have a go on both of the bikes and even a couple of adults.

A debate then began about whether my red training shoes conformed to the dress code. I argued that red/white trainers matched the official SERV colour scheme…….the jury is out.

 We left with heavy buckets and a few more possible names of new members.

A warning to Roy…….having sold your soul to the devil for the good weather for last week’s ride out, he came looking for you to collect……