Offley Bike & Trike Show - July 9th 2011

posted 14 Jul 2011, 04:41 by Tim Owen   [ updated 14 Jul 2011, 13:05 ]

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Arriving at 0830 Saturday morning I was greeted with the two smiling faces of Roy and Neil who had arrived with both SERV Pans.  

Within 10 minutes our keeper of the gazebo and banners arrived in his trusty 13 year old van all the way from Winchmore Hill London.  Alan has been a stalwart for SERV Herts and Beds

since its reforming in January 2009.  Alan has ferried equipment and organised fund raising during that time until Roger took over during last year.  We do owe Alan a debit of gratitude for lugging all the equipment in and out of his van then the same on return home.  Well done .

Ok that’s enough of being complimentary why were you 10minutes late?

In total we had seven members on the stand helping out with recruiting as generally we do not fund raise at this show, because we are for the second year one of the chosen charities and will receive a cheque at a presentation night in two weeks time.

As soon as the gazebo was installed in the allotted plot our angel of catering services was straight in asking who wanted tea, or coffee.  They say that woman are good at multi-tasking well Karen made tea, coffee, provided  bacon rolls, looked after our stand and also looked after the Hein Gericke stand as well, which her daughter was running. Ok that proves the point, no more argument from me.  Well done Karen.





Generally the day was a slower start than last year and did not seem to get going till well after twelve, but when it did we had a fair amount of interest from visitors to the show.

A few light showers slowed proceedings down a bit but the sun soon returned and the party soon got into full swing again.  Three of

the Aston Motorcycle Club ask if they can ride the BIG bike if the join and would they lose their well hard status as well hard Aston Rockers?

We had three definite enquires who will be sent information packs and an offer to help with fund raising.  Not too bad for a days work.


Thanks go to Roy, Karen, Robin Snelling, Simon Lake, Neil Langley, and Alan Wilkinson.


Dave Wilson    Co-ordinator.


Don’t know who the weird guy with the bottle glasses was?