Beds Bike Show Shuttleworth March 27th 2011

posted 17 May 2011, 01:27 by Tim Owen   [ updated 17 May 2011, 01:34 ]

We arrived at Shuttleworth ( at 08.30 to a rather chilly start and pitched our gazebo on the marked out spot alongside the runway with some other charity stands. The 6 of us Roy Snelling, Alan Wilkinson, Tim Owen, Dave Wilson, Myself and Steve James soon had the gazebo up and had the bikes positioned. This is the first time that both bikes have been together on display and it certainly makes the stand a lot bigger.

Tables & chairs sorted & the gas stove with all the tea making gear kindly brought along by Karen Snelling. Nice to have a fresh brew, and some very nice bacon rolls for lunch.

The public started to arrive at 10.00 starting as a trickle but by lunchtime there was a long queue at the gate.  Bedfordshire Police were carrying out Ride Safe Assessments, Herts & Beds IAM were there as well.  Various planes were coming and going during the day which made for added

The local Air Ambulance arrived midmorning and visitors were able to go onboard & have a look around.

It was nice to see so many other members of SERV visit our stand, and we met some new faces,even some from
Suffolk.  At the stroke of 4pm it was packing up time & we all had it all done in 30mins.  Only £34 collected but we had some good enquiries.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves & will make an effort come along to the next one, if only to have a bacon roll with inch thick brown sauce. The show attracted almost 1000 bikes and 1500 people, not bad for a first event!