Asda Store, Hatfield Sunday 18th December 2010

posted 5 Dec 2010, 07:49 by Tim Owen   [ updated 24 Dec 2010, 13:53 by Yana De Silva ]

Well what can we say about the collection at ASDA Hatfield.

It all centred about the weather. Starting at 09.00 Stephinie Evans, Neil Langley & myself set up our stand inside the entrance so we were in the dry & to a certain extent the warm. Some of us had to strip off due to the layers we were wearing.

Slow to start with but busying towards lunch time.

Then the snow started & the phone calls from the afternoon volunteers, can we, can’t we.

The upshot of which was that as we three were willing to stay on and would probably finish early, there was no point in anyone else coming along.

The snow did get very heavy but people were still arriving to do their shopping----Why would you come out in that weather!!

Anyway at 14.30 things had died down so we called it a day.

Neil & I had some shopping to do via phone calls we’d had in the morning----must be obeyed but Stephanie had already done hers.

Neil walked home living in Hatfield, Stephinie took 1.5hrs & I took 1hr to get home, not too bad considering.
Roger Elvin