It was a very cold morning.

Last year at this time I opted to do the stint at Tesco Hatfield on the Sunday. Knowing full well that the SERV members who did Potters Bar on the Saturday got to stand inside in the warm. No such luck in Hatfield as we had to stand outside.

I arrived with high hopes that were soon dashed when I spotted the warm area full of Christmas goodies on sale.

It was going to be a long chilly day.

As if to confirm this, Roger “The Ego Elvin “arrived on four wheels due to a thick frost preventing him bringing the Pan.

Recently I have been subject to a lot of criticism, and death threats from fans of Roger in groups like “THE EGOMANIACS” and the social network group

True Ultimate Roger Devote Society

They have made me see the error of my ways.

Sure, I could try and make myself look big by writing another piece that poked fun at Roger. But I am beyond that now, more mature.

I could tell you that since becoming Deputy Coordinator his already oversized ego has hit the roof.

That he is now like a dictator of a small country with plans to rule the world.

I could say that despite wearing regulation black boots instead of my red/white trainers to please him, he decided to comment on the fact that my SERV jacket needed ironing.

That he flew into a rage when he noticed I had put the lid on a collection bucket on back to front.

That he accused me of being boring and went to stand with someone else.  And that he left early.

But I won’t as I am over all that, and also because his fans “know where I live” or at least that what it said in letters cut from newspapers in a note I received in the post from the Letchworth area.

So back to the plot…….

Me and Roger where soon joined by Steve

And Adrian

In the absence of John, a stand in Father Christmas showed up. In my opinion a lot better looking but not such a great Santa….Poor effort.


Steve left after lunch, most likely to do clever computer based things, and was replaced by Tim and Ian

We had the usual great fun, chatting to customers and having a laugh.

I arranged for one weary lady shopper to get a massage from Adrian but he declined to take one for the team.

One young lady wearing only a t shirt caught my eye. Upon enquiring if she was cold, she let me hold her hand to prove how warm blooded she was. We repeated this exercise on her exit from the shop and Adrian unfairly accused me of flirting.

 Imagine my surprise the next day when I bumped into her again and was recognised, while out shopping in Asda.Trouble was I had the wife with me that time. Her hands where still warm though.

The things we do and go through for SERV HERTSBEDS.

We left with heavy buckets. And with Roy and Roger not around I spent my evening sorting and counting it all. My respect and thanks go out to Karen for doing that job throughout the year.

The sun shone all day despite it being cold and I will sign off with the sunset that marked the end of our day.

Thanks to everyone who gave us there hard earned cash and to Tesco’s and the staff for having us.