Tesco Collection - Potters Bar - Saturday 4th December 2010

posted 5 Dec 2010, 07:47 by Tim Owen   [ updated 6 Dec 2010, 13:42 by Timotheus O ]
Strictly Come Dancing eat your heart out - SERV Herts and Beds may be ready to form its own dance troupe after two members (John "Rockabilly" Wiggs and Yana "Lets Jive" De Silva, took to a spot of dancing in the front porch of Tesco's store, Potters Bar, on Saturday. Actually it was more of a desperate bid to keep warm!
Throughout the extremely cold day volunteers took turns to keep the public entertained to persuade them to hand over any change they had. Fortunately Derek "I only take folding notes" Harrington was on hand and we soon had a plethora of the folding stuff coming into the buckets.
As you can see from the pictures - when the pace slowed our burly gang, fronted by a sweet natured girlie volunteer (who was insane enough to wear a dress on one of coldest days of the year), tried out their imitations of bouncers to persuade small children and their parents to hand over their cash to her - and when this obviously failed we simply offered our generous shoppers chocolates!
Well done to the team of Roger, Adrian, Dave, Derek, John who raised a great £840.