SERV UK 30 year Celebration at the ACE Cafe - June 5th 2011

posted 9 Jun 2011, 08:34 by Tim Owen   [ updated 13 Jun 2011, 14:18 ]

During last year Steve Washington was lucky enough to obtain the use of "The Ace Cafe" for our 30 years anniversary.

With Steve leaving us in November last year the organisation of this event was passed to Serv UK and a date set for 5th June 2011 commencing at 9am and finishing at 5pm.

The general tone of the day was that we have a mass meeting of all areas covered by Serv, each bringing their liveried bikes, and a  gazebo from Surrey whilst

generally showing the flag regards Serv.

We took both our Pans the mini moto and a couple of banners.  Along with these items we also had a couple of riders namely Roy and Roger(difficult to say if your Johnathan Woss) who marched up and down the car park organising things?

By 0930 the livered bikes were coming in thick and fast and lined up outside the main window.  It was quite heartening to see all the serv bikes in one place and made me think of the size of the whole

organisation....544 members over 14counties answering 3500 calls per year.  That must be some saving to the NHS over the year.  One of the highlights of the day for me was the " Big Breakfast"that I devoured  at 10.30 accompanied by Tim our Webmaster.  It was not Tims highlight as I bent his ear about some small projects we need to acheive, shortly after that he left? At a further sit down in the morning for more tea HnB had a short light hearted "Brain Storming" session.  What came out of it, mainly "we are not doing that" But we all seemed to agree on a sponsored pushbike ride from Colindale to all our hospitals, sometime.  Roger Elvin our Fundraising co-ordinator seemed keen to lead as he has the racing sunglasses and tour de France bike, well done Roger.

So the day speed by with tea and more tea and in the afternoon the Serv birthday cake which was very tasty.  The planned ballon race had to be abandoned as the weather turned cold and all the ballons refused to take off, so a ticket was picked out of the hat.

All in all a very interesting day with exchanges of views between groups of volunteers from a large number of counties.

Here is to the next thirty years of Serv and making huge savings for the NHS.   


Dave Wilson   HnB Co-ordinator.