Christmas Toy Run 2009

posted 29 Oct 2009, 06:07 by Tim Owen   [ updated 21 Jun 2010, 12:16 ]
SERV Herts & Bed Toy Run

Well the weather was bright and sunny but dreadfully cold - I couldn't even stand on my driveway let alone ride a bike up it. I just about managed to get the car out so went by that instead.
I really appreciate all your interest and it was a shame that the weather frustrated many good intentions to come along.  Many thanks to Pat who managed to come by bike and to Jason and wife who came by car.
It was a great day, we had a snowman, bear, elephant, joker, captain hook and many elves accompanying Father Christmas around the children's wards at each of the three hospitals with a surplus of toys left at each of them for later distribution. Once the kids got over the shock of a bunch of giants invading their space they seemed to enjoy the occasion (especially the gifts).

Rob Beasley

The Start
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QE2 Hospital

Bedford Hospital

Hertford Hospital - December 12th 2009

Mark Prisk MP for Hertford & Stortford on SERV Herts & Beds Liveried Pan outside Hertford Hospital with Steve Washington and Andrew Salmon

Asda Hatfield - November 28th 2009

September 27th 2009 - Moor Park Fun Run at the Merchant Taylor's School Oxley