Sainsbury's Hoddesdon March 5th 2011

posted 12 Mar 2011, 04:05 by Tim Owen   [ updated 12 Mar 2011, 04:17 ]
Starting at 09.00 or there abouts when Dave Wilson arrived we set up in their foyer between the doors.
There was a steady stream of people dropping into the buckets then Derek Harrington arrived & so did a young lady who asked us to move as we were in front of her stand ( she was selling beauty treatment ). No, none of us bought one----we don't need it?????????
At lunch time Steven James joined us, this is the first time I have met Steven & his first time on the buckets.
It was a long day & with only 3 of us there at a time there were periods with no one to banter with so we must make sure we have 4 in future.

We manage to raise £704 another very good result.

Thanks go to Dave Wilson, Derek Harrington & Steven James for their help.

Roger Elvin