Sainsbury's Hitchin - February 2012

posted 8 Feb 2012, 04:00 by Timotheus O



The great thing about being part of Serv HertsBeds is that it helps you experience new things…..

Today would be no exception; I would discover the true meaning of being cold. The day spent last month outside Corey’s mill would be made to look like a warm spring day compared to this one.

The temperature gauge on my car showed -5 as I left Hatfield and had not gone up when I arrived in Hitchin.

Too cold to carry blood on a motorbike and too cold for the brave four who stepped up to take on this challenge. A car’s the only sensible form of transport. The public would have to make do with just a mini moto on display.

The day would be all about layers, and I was wearing a few.

The four brave souls were…Dave




Me and Roger “the Ego” Elvin

Yes, that is Dave’s thumb

We started at 9.00 and went through to 16.00 (on the dot)



Conditions got so cold that some people wimped out and went indoors for a warm up



And Roger got so cold he tried to start a fire using shopping trolleys

That is actually Roger trying to fix the trolleys that have had the wheel brakes activated. For those of you who don’t know, he was an engineer before becoming a TV star.

We were visited by a couple of SERV members during the day. Dave Perks, who supplied us with chocolate mini rolls (slightly different from what he is usually trying to sell us). Much appreciated… the mini rolls.

And Roy and Karen, who just came to laugh at us.

It was the usual fun day. A mixture of people who kindly put money in our buckets or stopped to chat despite the cold. And a few brave kids who wanted to sit on the mini moto.


It was also great to see Dave was proudly displaying his bronze SERV badge

Ideas were also thrashed out about a possible charity event we may put together later this year…watch this space

Thanks to the people of Hitchin and the Sainsbury’s staff - especially the lady who arranged for us to use the staff canteen for hot drinks and roast potatoes.