Sainsbury’s Stevenage

With Christmas a distant dream, and the New Year well under way, the time had come to grab a bucket and begin collecting

Sainsbury’s Coreys mill in Stevenage was our first port of call for 2012.

It was a bitter cold start to the day as I arrived just before 9.00 to meet up with Roger “the ego” Elvin and Dave perks.

The temperature was showing -2 when a cold, chilly Roy arrived on the Pan (what a brave little soldier).

You can’t tell from the photo but Roy was sporting a brave attempt at a Roger tribute beard.

As a fair weather biker I have to bow down and show great respect to all you boys and girls who brave two wheels during the winter……

Needless to say Mr Honda, star of TV, arrived in his car.

Straws where drawn in my absence and either me or Roy got the short one as we was banished to the cold end of the entrance with no banner, bike or mini moto

We had a shift change at lunch time with

Roger and Dave being replaced by Simon and Helen.

I did manage to get a quick picture of the whole gang..

I will leave it up to you to decide who is who…I’m not risking a beating


The observant among you will have noticed that the pictures are not up to the usual standard

This is for one of two reasons

1…….Roger and his manager won’t allow any unauthorised (by that I mean free) pictures of Mr Ego to be taken or used.

2……….. I was cold and forgot to take any.

Again, you can decide

The day went by at a fast pace despite the cold. Brightened up by a visit from our leader Dave. He brought teas for everyone, chatted to his number two in command and then disappeared into the sunset. I seem to remember he even said hello to me and Roy at one point.

It was also helped as usual by the generosity and friendly nature of the people we met.

An unexpected bonus was getting a few people requesting information with a view to of them being a man who as a child joined his dad delivering blood in the freewheeler’s days.

The time was also passed by getting to know the car park attendant and watching him dish out tickets to people illegally parked in the disabled bay.

The usual raid on the hot food counter at lunch time for food on the go and before you knew it the day was over and the sun was setting.

Thanks as always to the people we met and for Sainsbury’s for letting us be there.



Talking of photos, I have to include this one from the Christmas toy run.

This is some of the members that came along trying out the great new attraction at Barnet Hospital……..


The be on the telly like Roger experience……..



Sorry roger, we was going to let it go, but you went and signed off that e mail “star of TV”