Sainsbury's Dunstable Collection - October 17th 2010

posted 22 Oct 2010, 16:23 by Tim Owen   [ updated 26 Oct 2010, 23:00 ]

If charity begins at home - why can't it start with a lie-in? These were the words rumbling through my head as I dragged myself out of bed to get geared up for some collection duty at Sainsbury's in Dunstable on a rather clear and crisp Saturday morning!

However if generous kind hearted shoppers are willing to empty their pockets into our buckets so that we can kit out our members, then who am I to complain?
Yet panic ensued when we arrived as planned for a 9.45 am start only to find we were missing our buckets and spade, sorry I mean buckets and banners. Our intrepid explorer Andy Wikinson, had bravely set out across the vast expanse known as the M25.....and got lost! (let's hope Santa brings him a satnav!) But he did make it within the hour and the serious business of the day got on.

The team of Derek "I only take folding notes" Harrington, Roy "there's no reason whats over for me to smile" Snelling, Alan "I'm lost" Wilkinson, myself Yana "I'm hungry, is it time to eat yet?" De Silva and the newest recruit of all, Andy "Daisy" Taylor, wowed shoppers with our charm, wit, fashionable high viz outfits, and in absolute desperation even kissing customers (OK that was just me!).

Our resident photographer Ian "charming" Larman, joined us to capture the stunning team in action - ok, just to take pics of the pretty SERV bike!
The fantastic team effort netted an astonishing £473.30 AND one euro (pennies, dollars, euros, it all counts!) as well as a box of lovely cakes from a donator who thought we looked like we could do with some sustenance! (clearly she heard my stomach rumbling)

Many thanks to Sainsbury's for allowing us to gather outside their store and well done to the team for using the opportunity to explain to lots of people the importance of the Bloodrunners and the work we do.