Roy’s unofficial SERV Ride Out - Sunday October 2nd 2011

posted 5 Oct 2011, 11:00 by Tim Owen   [ updated 5 Oct 2011, 11:08 ]

Roy’s unofficial SERV Ride Out

Roy must have sold his soul to the devil (again), as the sun was shining as we met up at Sainsbury’s Biggleswade at 9.30. A surprisingly small turn out considering how good the weather had been.

Roy was joined by his son Robin as pillion. There was also myself, Ian, Roger, and John with his wife Elaine on the back.


We where honoured that SERV Herts beds TV star Roger could join us as he has been a busy man since his TV debut earlier in the week.

He has just finished recording his debut album called “I’ve ridden Honda’s since I was 16”. On it he duets with some of the world’s biggest stars. His haunting first single “alone on the A1M” just missed the number one spot.

He is also working on a pilot for a new quiz show called “who’s on Todd”.

As well as writing his tell all book called “there is a camera crew in my bedroom and the lights keep going on and off”. It is set to blow the lid off Blood running and many famous friends of his are bracing themselves for what is to be revealed.

We set off and headed to the Green Welly café in Chatteris for a fry up. No one was up for turning around and heading home so we decided to head for Hunstanton.

John planned the route on his trusty sat nav using a spoon and we headed off.

John led the way and gave us a master class in route planning, avoiding A roads, and how to enjoy twisty B roads. Once we got a few miles from the coast the queue of cars heading the same way us us began. So John added a master class in filtering as well.

We arrived at a very busy sea front, and were confronted with lots of motorbikes in the car park.


Then it was down to business, ice creams all round courtesy of John and Roger     (made up for the air ambulance do).

I didn’t notice myself but apparently there were some attractive ladies in front of us on the beach. Not sure if they were groupies for Roger or they had heard about the SERV calendar. Sorry Dave didn’t get any pictures.



The gang on the sea front, John was off having a paddle


Talking of calendars…….Mr May and Mr June ?????????????


We stayed for around an hour then headed back to the Green Welly for a well-earned cup of tea. Twisty roads all the way again.

We headed back to Biggleswade and then onto home after a long and epic day out.

Around 200 miles done and to my amazement I only filled up my bike three times… don’t buy a Z1000 for the tank capacity.

We must do it again soon.

 And for the record it didn’t get a little boisterous once John peeled off the A1M……….honest.