Ride Free Ampthill - April 2012

posted 11 Apr 2012, 16:20 by Timotheus O   [ updated 11 Apr 2012, 16:35 ]



After a week of fantastic weather I decided it was time to head to an event on two wheels. No, not an April Fools gag. ‘Fair weather biker’ I hear you shout… perish the thought.

It was time for Serv Herts & Beds to break out the gazebo and hit the first bike show of 2012.

All the equipment was dragged out of winter storage and once again our saviour Alan Wilkinson loaded it up and headed North, stopping in Hatfield to pick up the bits from me allowing me to use my bike for a change. Big mistake; the morning had started out a chilly 2 degrees.

We arrived in Ampthill around 9:00 and were joined by Andy Woodham, Mark Batton and Andy Amos who brought along the old pan.

The gazebo was quickly erected, and the kettle put on.

The two Andy’s, Mark and Alan

Roger “the Ego” Elvin was out of the picture for the day. He was attending the launch of Serv Wessex, so we thought we were in for a peaceful day: no such luck…he had been on the phone twice by 10:00 checking up on us and asking if anyone was missing him.

The show started off slow but as the day warmed up it got a lot busier.

We had lots of volunteers for this one and were later joined by John Warner and Adrian Vaughan

As well as John and Christine Dean

Christine enjoying reading Herts Biker magazine.

The chips belong to Alan, before you ask.

I have a lot of family in Milton Keynes so had a visit from my dad and daughter as well as my nephew Scott who posed for a picture.


Andy Woodham also had on display the new blood box rack he has been helping to develop.


Highlight of the day for me was the slow riding competition. Last person to cover the length of the arena won. Lots of rivalry between the police and fire bike, but the stunt rider won both times by a country mile. We should have shoved Andy in there on the Serv Pan.

A great start to our 2012 bike show season


And just to prove I did come on my bike



By the end of the show, the sun was out and the ride home was via some nice twisty country roads

Have a safe biking season.