Perkins Gt Eastern Run - Peterborough October 10th 2010

posted 10 Oct 2010, 22:53 by Tim Owen   [ updated 1 Nov 2010, 01:49 ]

SERV H&B's Whippet


Perkins Gt Eastern Run - Peterborough


The assembled few were privileged to see OUR BOY in Action! 

Mr Whipp [et] y, actually [ice] creamed the opposition! 

As our photo's show [B4 + During + After] he was @ his Peek [Biscuits fame] Best. 

[come on Guys - I'm trying my best here]?


Ian our official photographer, ran in the Perkins Gt. Eastern half marathon in Peterborough last Sunday morning and was well supported by other SERV H&B Members.

Ian did a fantastic PB - Personal Best time of 1hour 44minutes, which rates him very highly.

There were over 3,000 runners and Ian came in the top 250!

He was also as you can see, running in a specially designed SERV H&B running vest and he is collecting on his just giving site on our home page, donating the proceeds to SERV H&B.


Well Done again Ian


PS From the great man himself:- Just thought I would thank you for the support today. It is great to have a friendly face at the finish it makes the effort all worth while. If you could pass on my thanks to all in your next email, I will be grateful. What fantastic weather although it did get a bit warm for the running but I'm pleased you all had a dry ride home. Caused a bit of a mini panic amongst the team, because I was running in a SERV vest I was missed and some of the members thought I had a problem. After several phone calls they caught up with me at the coach, Fast asleep with my iPod on, Oops.