Offley Trike & Motorbike Show, Gt Offley, Saturday 10th of July 2010

posted 11 Jul 2010, 09:18 by Steve Washington   [ updated 12 Jul 2010, 08:19 by Tim Owen ]

Everything set up, now hopefully here comes the crowd!

Fairly cool tranquillity gave way to very hot [31°C] and a humid afternoon yesterday @ the Gt Offley Trike and Motorbike Show where up to 2,000 bikers attended and enjoyed a very happy, busy and well behaved show.  Plenty of "alternative" music - occasionally very loud - I must be getting old?  Tim, Dave, Alan, Roy, Paula, Lauren, Jai, Tony, Malcolm, Ian and myself attended all day despite Alan, Paula and myself being on call as riders and a Controller later that evening. 
Indeed the day, despite being well attended and enjoyed with many visitors making genuine enquiries about becoming volunteers and signing up as such, we were also called upon by Bedford Hospital @ 16.20 hours to transport 2 boxes of Blood as a Category B - thereby saving them £200!  In case of other potential calls coming in earlier than expected - we all agreed to break down the stand then and star burst homeward bound so that those on call might get a meal before our next call - it seemed as though this might be the start of summer madness at it's best?  19.20 hours found us responding to another call! Who said SERV H&B are not busy?

A Big Thank you to All concerned!