Marlows Shopping Centre July 7th 2012

posted 14 Jul 2012, 05:30 by David Wilson   [ updated 16 Jul 2012, 15:47 by Timotheus O ]

The Marlows Shopping Centre

Hemel Hempstead

Saturday 7th July

Just to please some of you, and annoy others, I am back.

Sensible, well informed, accurate accounts of the day’s proceedings will once again be put on hold at the expense of a few cheap jokes at people’s expense.

The day began at 8.30 with Dave picking me up in his now shiny red car. Well he has used T Cut on it all except the roof…Resisting saying he couldn’t reach.

We arrived at The Marlows shopping centre aware that we would not be able to bring any bikes in but was hopeful that the mini motto would pass scrutiny… such luck…..with few props to help we would have to go on a charm offensive with the public.

We did however have our new secret weapon……a new banner to go around the table. After a few lessons in knot tying from ex Fire fighting pin up Dave, we were set up and ready.


The observant among you will spot the SERV flag in the photo. This turned out to be over the permitted six foot and had to be quickly taken down.




With me and Dave in place we were almost ready to begin the day. All we needed was the final member of the top trio to arrive…..

He came in the shape of John


The team was complete. We had been told that we didn’t have to stay in one place, and could move around the shopping centre to find a good spot…

Dave used this to his advantage

The day flew by, Despite Dave going on for long periods about his Squash career.

We chatted to loads of great people and raised some money and awareness along the way.

John was happy to talk to people about motorbikes; turns out he has most of the ones people mentioned in his garden or garage. Not a man who likes to sell things apparently.

Dave was also happy to chat about his return to biking, all ten hours of it.

In fairness, that is most likely 8 hours more than I have done this year.

People soon started talking about bikes that John had never owned of ridden so he made a hasty retreat home..

The day ended at four. We packed up and headed to Dave’s car only to find out he had lost his keys….

They had been handed in at the info desk opposite Ann Summers. No surprise there then!

Thanks to all the people who helped us raise £173 and to the staff at the centre, who despite enforcing the rules, made us very welcome and stopped by for a chat.

p.s. seems a little strange not mentioning Roger “The Ego” Elvin…..

But he is far too important to turn up….next time I guess