NCC of Hertfordshire, R.B.L. Club, Harpenden

posted 5 Jul 2010, 07:31 by Steve Washington   [ updated 15 Jul 2010, 02:46 ]
A fantastically hot day in a dusty car-park at the rear of the Royal British Legion Club in Harpenden was the venue and the occasion for SERV H&B's latest recruit to join the Club. Tim Lloyd [centre of picture] approached our stand @ the Stotfold Steam and Country Fair on the 8th & 9th of May this year - 6 weeks ago - he was in the right place @ the right time when we were issuing kit and has since done his GMP Training, Route training, Riding & Driving Assessments, and proudly shows off his ID card - he was even on the Rota later on this day @ 7pm and GET THIS! - got his 1st call @ midnight to deliver blood and Platelets to the QE11. Now can anyone beat that?

The National Chopper Club of Hertfordshire kindly invited SERV H&B to attend free of charge, to try and raise our profile and recruit some new volunteers, whilst trying relieve the good people of Harpenden of their spare small change. What a success it turned out to be. With 9 members giving up their Sunday in the sunshine to come along and chat to the public whilst getting covered in dust from the dusty car park whilst viewing the magnificent personalised Chopper bikes as well as many other makes of bikes.

The very friendly guys and girls from the Chopper Club also came and chatted with us and we managed to sign up at least 2 potential riders along with 3 others who expressed a wish to become Controllers and raise a sum of £113 in the process & the Chopper Club have since given us a further £100 cheque.   

Finally JW was caught quite literally with his trousers down by our official Photographer - Ian Larman - see above - but everyone 
including John was saved an embarrassing moment by the most fortuitous placing of SERV leaflets I've ever seen! 
Ian was one of our 1st helpers to arrive and mucked in erecting the gazebo and stands - 
then took some cracking pictures and promptly scooted off to another photo' shoot elsewhere - what a Star!

Thanks to ALL who attended and helped make it a cracking day for everyone.