Morrison's September 3rd 2011

posted 14 Sep 2011, 13:29 by Tim Owen   [ updated 14 Sep 2011, 13:47 ]

Morrison’s Welwyn Garden City

It was an early 9.00 am start. I arrived early to find Steve waiting and was shortly followed by Dave.

 Seems me and Dave both had the same idea, get there early to make up for being late at Bikefest.

We waited for Roy to arrive and both secretly hoped he would be late. But no such luck, Mr reliable arrived at 8.58 on the dot having been escorted some of the way by tagging along with the boys in blue.

We set up shop and were joined by Ruth, taking time out from her role as member’s secretary to join the front line. Dave insisted we get a picture, but my attempts not to tower over her don’t make for a great photo.




The money soon started to roll in as the people of WGC showed how generous they are.

Much to Dave’s annoyance I tried to appeal to the hip youth of today with my backwards baseball cap….it didn’t work



The star of the day soon emerged……Steve could do no wrong. People flocked to give him money, by passing the rest of us to get to him. He wouldn’t share his secret or reveal what aftershave he was wearing.


Ruth left around lunch time and was soon replaced by John

We had great fun and met some wonderful people.

Talk did turn to putting together a SERV Hertsbeds calendar for 2012 so watch this space

Former mayor of Welwyn Hatfield and SERV member, and Birthday girl. Kim arrived to say hi and was rewarded with a birthday cake (sorry, won’t get any peace if I don’t mention her).

When a women claimed that even the thought of blood made her feel faint, former fire-fighter and pin up Dave, was quickly on hand to offer assistance and some comforting words of advice.

Highlight of the day came when, despite us voicing our concerns, Roy emptied the money collected into a carrier bag for transporting home. He insisted all would be ok.

The photo shows Roy and John picking the money up after the bag gave way.

This in no way is a failing of Morrison’s bags, more a testament to the amount we collected.

Thanks to Morrison’s for inviting us along and thanks to the very generous people who gave there hard earned cash.