Morrisons Letchworth - June 16th 2012

posted 21 Jun 2012, 13:34 by Timotheus O   [ updated 21 Jun 2012, 13:52 ]
The collection at  Morrisons  Letchworth  prove to be a rather windy affair but with the absence of any rain.
I arrived in my trusty 15 year old Ford Maverick coloured in matt red as many describe it ( it just needs a little polish) with buckets ,banners and the mini moto. Roger and Mark had already disappeared in the shop to get their visitors badges and recce  the tea and buns area. Setting up was no problem until I came to tie the SERV banner to the brick pillar little bit of a mistake here. The wind caught the banner a tore it straight out of the base therefore rendering it useless. Lucky we are in the process of having two new ones made.
Morrisons at Letchworth is a fair size shop and has two entrances about 80metres apart so Rogers plan was that we split into two groups. Roger and Mark Batten near the cafe and myself and Mark Jenkins plus Dave Perks near the fruit and veg (good deal)!
The fruit and veg end did well with Mark looking after the Pan and the Mini Moto for photo opportunities and myself and Dave by the doors dogging the low flying plant trollies  and  greeting all the car drivers. Roger and Mark Battens end took care of all the Pedestrians from the town centre and were more sheltered.Good stuff this pre planning Roger! 
During the morning Simon Lake dropped in to check on how we were doing and let Dave know where he had got to fixing his bike.
Dave is part of the 12 strong Herts and Beds group going to Bikesafe next Sunday with the Met Police, so his bike is getting a quick service prior to the event.
It was good to meet a reasonable new member Mark Batten who had come all the way from Camden Town N1. One of the photos shows mark astride the Pan,and it suited you very well. Get rid of that little Yamaha and get yourself a proper bike! Thanks very much for the effort welcome to the fundraising team.
One of the other photos shows Dave Perks standing by a sign saying £2.00 which Dave hoped would prompt each customer into  giving him two quid. Actually I think he did the best out of all of us(must be his good looks)?
The afternoon saw John Wigglesworth saunter round from his home(after HBAM training), a few hundred metres away and start directing operations,still cant get him away from the Deputy Role. 
So a good days fundraising had by all Roger Mark, Dave, John, Mark thanks all. Money will be counted on Tuesday when our new counting machine is due to be delivered. We have shared the cost of a machine with The Welwyn Festival Committee,which make life easier for those doing the counting.
Next stop Meldreth Bike Show on Wednesday20th  6pm till 10.00pm. Hope to see a few of you there?
Best Regards