Mad Hatters Bike Show - Sunday September 18th 2011

posted 22 Sep 2011, 10:28 by Tim Owen   [ updated 22 Sep 2011, 10:55 ]
Mad Hatters Bike show
Pack Horse Inn,Kensworth

Sunday soon rolled around and it was time to head off once again to
an event with SERV Hertsbeds. It has been a busy period lately with
us getting out and meeting people at various venues.

Once again the Pan was my trusty steed (I seem to have ridden that
a lot more than my own bike lately, that either shows how busy we
have been or how little I ride).

The sun was shining as I arrived at the Pack Horse Inn on the A5.

Roy, Alan and Ian soon joined me and we squeezed the
gazebo in under the trees, and opened for business.
The Kettle went on and after a long wait and a quick gas cylinder
change we made a brew.

Roy’s wife Karen popped in for a visit along with his son and

The turnout was good and the car park was soon full of bikes.
A great afternoon out and loads of custom bikes to admire

Also in attendance where the guys from East Anglia Air ambulance
the we had previously met at biggleswade a few weeks back.

Thanks to the Mad hatters for inviting us along.