Honda - Dunstable

Although we haven't got any pictures from the Event, Roy Snelling and family kindly gave up their week end [again] recently - on the 29th & 30th of June 
after being approached by Honda - Dunstable who were staging an Open Day as they expanded to start supplying Motorcycles to their already
successful Car franchise. 
We were asked to attend and were made extremely welcome by Sales Managers Steve Weller and Dennis Yau, who were very interested in what we do
as a registered charity.
Saturday's weather was somewhat inclement and kept down the numbers of interested public away, although Sunday brightened up and leaflets were handed 
out by Roy and his team including wife Karen, son Robin, Dennis Brown, Alan Wilkinson and new member James Fensome, hopefully bringing more much needed volunteers 
on board.
The princely sum of £25 was raised, thanks to all concerned.