Hemel Hempstead Halloween street party

posted 12 Nov 2011, 02:28 by Timotheus O   [ updated 12 Nov 2011, 10:32 ]
It was a cold dark night,the wolf was howling at the moon, Blood was everywhere.  Then from nowhere came the unmistakable sound of......of.......of.......a Honda pan, no just a minute, two Honda Pans floating up Hemel Hempstead Old High Street.  Could it be  Count Elvin and his associate in blood Count Snelling.  People scattered running for thier lives as the blood curdling cries from the two Counts rang around the old buildings forever haunted by these two BLOODRUNNERS. 

They pulled up outside Piggies Carvery and went inside,Screams! were heard as they were told that raw and bloody meat was not on the menu today.  Was this a dream or the hard reality of fundraising on the front line of Serv HnB. ( how long have I got to keep this up?).

So what really happened was, Neil and Kim Langley invited us to take part in the Hemel Hempstead Halloween street party on the 30th October 4pm to 8pm expect three to four thousand people mostly dressed up in great costumes, wow.  Kim had sorted us a place to park opposite Piggies Carvery, which is run by Kim's daughter.  As our membership tally is zero from this area and we are always up for a bit of fundraising especially when someone mentions a few thousand people! we made an attendance.

The four hours went by very quickly with what seemed like hundreds of children wanting to have thier photo taken either on the mini moto or even more popular the two Pans.  We raised £127 made a few friends and put the thought of helping the community in which you live, in a handful of peoples minds.

Our thanks go to Neil although he had to work for the restaurant kept us plied with tea and baked jacket with cheese and beans.
To Kim and Amanda for the invite and allowing us to park opposite Piggies.  Not forgetting Serv members who turned out...Karen Snelling, Robin Snelling, Count Roger Elvin, Count Roy Snelling and Captain Blood himself....Dave.