Easter Egg Run 2010

There are potentially 85 beds in the childrens wards at the three hospitals we will be visiting. Whilst a proportion of these will be vacant, we will require a donation of two good sized eggs from members to make sure that no child is disappointed on the day.  Some children may not be allowed to eat chocolate however we do have some small toys left over from our very successful Christmas Toy Run and propose to take these along and give them to those children who can't eat chocolate.
We are using Campus West in WGC as a collection point for all your donations, all gifts of Easter eggs should be clearly marked on the outside of a carrier bag "SERV-Blood Runners" to be collected.  (Campus West Opening times 8am to 8pm.  Closed Good Friday and Easter Monday).  A SERV representative will pick-up the eggs on Saturday 3rd in  the afternoon.

The timetable on the day will be:   
Meet at Tesco, Hatfield at 09:00 - 9.30 am The Mayor will be there to meet us.
Ride to QE2 arrive 10.15 am
Ride to Lister arrive 11.30 am
Ride to Bedford arrive 1.00 pm

Afterwards, we could all take some refreshments together to round the day off.