East_Anglia_Air_Ambulance_Ride_Out - August 13th 2011

posted 18 Aug 2011, 14:30 by Tim Owen   [ updated 25 Aug 2011, 13:00 ]

What a shock, woke up and found it raining on a SERV event day.

A quick ride up the A1M to meet up with Roger who was on the pan then onto Biggleswade rugby club. There we met up with Dave who arrived with all the equipment in his shiny red car.

First job of the day was to admire the job Dave had done repairing the broken screen on the mini motto……he assured us only the best gaffer tape had been used.

The rain had come to an end so we set up shop next to the ice cream van.

John was also in attendance sharing himself between SERV and Herts and Beds Advanced motorcyclist…..he can change outfits quicker than superman and not a phone box in sight.

The order of the day was for people to turn up, pay five pounds and get given the directions for a self-guided ride out. The proceeds are to be split between the air ambulance and a charity set up in the name of Barry Sheene for kids with cancer.

The turnout was good and we added a few possible names to the volunteer list.

The low point of the day came when the ice cream van left early, in fact just a few minutes before Roger claimed he was going to treat us all to one.

The rain stayed away and we packed away a dry gazebo for a change.

Thanks go out to the event organisers for inviting us along.