Christmas Toy Run 2010

posted 20 Dec 2010, 10:37 by Tim Owen   [ updated 20 Dec 2010, 11:00 ]
SERV Toy Run

As many of you that managed to get out of your beds over the weekend that we had a bit of a snow flurry on Saturday that brought the South East to a standstill. The SERV Toy Run was in serious danger of not going ahead. The decision to go with it was left to my wife Karen who had managed to make it home from work after doing a night shift. This put Santa (John Wigglesworth) in a difficult position,  as his Elves (Karen, Robin and myself) were ready to go and deliver toys to all the Children stuck in hospital yesterday plus the fact that we could not move in our house for all the presents donated by SERV Members from last year and this year.
My wife Karen and daughter Charli spent 5 hours wrapping all the presents and I would like to personally thank them for all their efforts.
After several phone calls early Sunday morning John reluctantly decided to join us at the QE2 Hospital where we found that 1 child had been admitted just as we arrived so after handing over a small present to the child who was too young to know what the hell a man in a red suit was doing giving him a present.
As the QE2 does not keep children over night we set off for the Lister Hospital.  As we arrived at the Lister Marilyn Goodhew who has been there every time we have delivered toys to the Lister met us. After offering us a hot drink that was definitely needed we set about handing out presents to the children aged from 6 months up to 15 year olds that were in the Bluebell Ward. The look on their faces was enough to make it worth all the effort.
We visited the Children’s A & E Dept where we met the Mayor of Stevenage and together handed out more presents with plenty of photo opportunities.  As we were walking through the Hospital we came across a couple of children in the fracture clinic waiting to be sorted out after various sledging accidents etc so they too received presents from Santa that took their minds off the pain they were obviously in, it was at this point that Santa was abducted by several female nurses (funny how he never put up a fight) and taken off to one of the Wards to say hi to
everyone. We had to stop him from having the nurses sit on his knee.  We made a brief return to the Bluebell Ward for some more photo’s with the Mayor and the staff of the ward.
Next stop was going to be Bedford and with the A1 clear we managed to make up some time but the A421 was dodgy in some places with it down to one lane mainly clear of snow.
At Bedford we met up with Tom Owen who had walked there from home, the Mayor of Bedford and Sue Llewellyn, the nurse in charge of the Children’s ward.  A lot of the children were up and moving around so when we came through the doors we were spotted straight away so you can imagine the noise as we entered the ward. Santa as usual soon calmed the situation down and along with the Mayor handed out all presents to all the children that were not on his naughty list, which basically was every child in the ward at that time. Again it was the looks on their tiny
faces that make this so rewarding.
With all the photo’s out of the way we all went our separate ways to our nice warm homes.