Capel Manor - September 9th 2012

posted 13 Sep 2012, 10:04 by Timotheus O   [ updated 13 Sep 2012, 10:11 ]

Was it the last day of Summer the 9th September who knows? but for the four volunteers that manned the Gazebo from 9am till 5pm it was, we all agreed, a great day! Stephanie Evans who lives at Capel Manor invited us to the Classic Car and Morris Minor Show,with a view to raising some funds and the profile of SERV Herts and Beds.  We had the full team in attendance by just after nine, and the Gazebo up within 10minutes. As we started to unpack the usual life saving goods such as stove,kettle, teabags,biscuits, Stephanie gave out the following statement "No need for all that I have an arrangement with the Doughnut man" hello we thought whats going on here!   Well if we appeared at the counter with a SERV polo shirt on any item you ordered would be FOC and not just then but all day, Result!!  Suddenly Mark came staggering back from the counter with 4 bags of doughnuts a large coffee and three ice creams and that was just for him!  The rest of us decided to start slow and build up during the day, so three small teas were ordered. 

Our position was excellent in an old courtyard between the two show areas all Classic Cars coming in had to pass within 10 feet of us so we all played a car identification game with lots of, "I had one of those" being said quite often,till the more expensive ones came by then it went quiet.

Over the day we all had some good chats with visitors,some keen to join others wanting to know why we were not funded by the NHS. The three bikes as usual were a great draw for the kids and sometimes the parents entered into the spirit of the day as well.

The Doughnut Company did us proud over the course of the day with bacon and egg rolls at lunch and numerous cups of tea, coffee and bottled water and the odd doughnut.
At the end of the day we had a double surprise as Stephanie was secretly funding the food from the doughnut company, but tables were turned when he put all the money Stephanie had paid him into one of our buckets.
A big thank you to the Doughnut Company (if you see them about at a show remember they are really nice people,buy a doughnut or three)

Thanks to the Team, Mark, Alan, Stephanie and myself (Capt Blood).