Bikesafe with The Met Police.

posted 3 Jul 2012, 15:07 by Timotheus O   [ updated 4 Jul 2012, 14:38 ]
We have now completed two courses of "Bikesafe" with the Met Police. The first course consisted of fourteen SERV riders,the second of twelve riders. I was decided at a previous committee meeting that we would put some of our funds into a training budget. We had found out that The Met still run Bikesafe with part funding from "Transport for London". This one day course cost £3500 to run for a day but the cost to SERV for twelve members was £420,a good deal I think you will agree.
We have also agreed to attend other courses with the Met over the next few months with a view of getting all members refreshed in riding safer. For those of you who are uncertain about putting yourself forward for this course dont be,its a great day, relaxed, informative and run by police riders who are biking enthusiasts. My observer rode speedway bikes for a living in his younger days, others background are just as interesting, get on the course and meet them a great bunch of Guys and Girls and Kate is no slow coach!! 
Over the coming year we will be looking at other training requirements and may offer internal and external courses and refresher ride outs. We all are never to old to learn,thank goodness
Picture of Bikesafe course No 2 Sunday 24th June.
Best Regards
Dave Wilson