Bikefest Stevenage 2011

posted 3 Sep 2011, 02:43 by Tim Owen   [ updated 3 Sep 2011, 03:00 ]


The morning started with a ride out into the countryside to find Dave’s house and pick up the Pan. Dave’s house was easy to find thanks to Google street view and his shiny red car on the drive.

A quick cup of tea and a chat led to us arriving at the fire training centre a little later than planned to find Roy, Tim and Alan waiting for us. After quick apologies and a session of me and Dave blaming each other we all set up our stall in record breaking time (mainly thanks to Alan’s time saving idea with erecting the gazebo). Roy had come on the remaining Pan so we had both on display along with the mini moto.

Simon and Helen arrived a short time later to help followed by Karen who quickly got to work on the life-saving hot drinks. Even fresh chocolate biscuits had been brought along so the day was looking good.

Roy got to work replacing the broken screen on the mini moto. All Dave’s hard work with the gaffer tape had to be thrown away.


Fire bikes rolled in from different counties and came in all sorts of shapes and sizes



Including the new BMW Herts Fire bike



The fire bikes all together in the main arena

We had a pitch right next to the events arena so we had a great view of the amazing show put on by Sparky the stunt rider and had no trouble hearing the band.

Clive came by for a chat, and later in the afternoon John and Christine joined us so we were out in force.

There was the usual stream of kids who first refused to sit on the mini moto and pose for photos, however as usual once they were on they couldn’t be removed.

We had lots of interest in what Serv does and a few more names added to the list of people interested in joining up.

The weather held out apart from a small rain shower and lots of people turned up to the event.

Most of us tried out a funky new crash helmet with a window in the back and a drop down mirror in the front that allows the wearer to see what’s behind them….really strange…Roy wants one for route training and rider assessment so nothing goes unseen. In his words “no-where to run, no-where to hide”


Guest of the day was TT rider Guy Martin. He kindly posed for a photo on the SERV Herts/Beds Pan.

Thanks as usual go out to the event organisers for inviting us along and for all the Serv members who turned out to help.