ASDA Dunstable

posted 28 Feb 2011, 12:49 by Tim Owen   [ updated 28 Feb 2011, 12:51 ]

Having travelled over to Stevenage on Friday Night to pick up our bright, shiny new Liveried Bike so that it was close to hand on Saturday morning for our Collection session outside ASDA in Dunstable. What a disappointment when I awoke on Saturday to find that it was raining. Now I will have to clean the bike before I take it back on Sunday Morning.

As the bike has so few miles on the clock I took it really easy riding to ASDA much to the dismay of my little brother Dean, who happened to be following me as he wanted to know more about us and will hopefully join us soon in whatever capacity he can.

As Dean and I were talking about the SERV Pan along came Neil Langley who had come by car, soon followed by Derek “Folding Notes” Harrington to help out. Funny that Neil can sleep in a cardboard box on a cold winters night in aid of Charity but rarely rides in the rain.

We set up with the Mini Moto inside the entrance of ASDA’s and waited for the good people of Dunstable to come and hopefully deposit some of their hard earned money into our buckets.

It was not long before the rivalry started between all of us on who was collecting the most, no real competition with Neil grabbing all the attention. People were seen to side step Derek and myself and put their money in Neil’s bucket. We must find out if it is his Aftershave or the Goatee.

Around Lunchtime Helen and Simon Lake came along and added to the numbers and give some of us oldies a break.

As per usual there was lots of friendly banter between us, all which helped, as the rain had not stopped all day. At least it was not cold and windy.

We packed up around 5ish and raised around £670 which was more than we estimated and not bad considering the rain.

Thanks to everyone mentioned above plus Robin who kept the little children amused.

I did wipe the bike down when I got home but got it dirty again taking it back to Stevenage.


Roy Snelling