Alexandra Palace - Custom Bike Show Feb 26/27 2011

posted 8 Mar 2011, 01:53 by Tim Owen   [ updated 8 Mar 2011, 02:06 ]

This was a Custom Bike Event & we set up the stand on the Friday. Well 3 of us did as Craig turned up just as we were about to leave.
Saturday morning 3 of us met up on our bikes & rode to the show, bit of a damp ride but Neil Langley did come on his bike. He did say that this was the only time this year he will ride in the rain.
Being a fairly small specialised show the crowds were very slow in arriving. It did pick up around lunch time then went quiet.

Later on Saturday afternoon a Model & her photographer were going around the stands having her photo taken on various bikes, including ours. I think that was the only time we had a crowd around the stand--so volunteers needed--- no not you Dave!!!!! 
Those who manned the stand Craig Silfleet & Sheri, Stephanie Evens, Neil Langley, Roy Snelling & myself on Saturday, Dave Wilson,Simon & Helen Lake, Tim Owen & myself on Sunday enjoyed ourselves & had a good laugh but tiring on the legs.
Alan Wilkinson helped with the set up on Friday & the breakdown on Sunday.

Thanks to all these people for there help.
Roger Elvin