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Stevenage BikeFest Sun August 18th 2013

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St Johns Hospice ( Sue Ryder ) Fete Moggerhanger Sun August 11th 2013

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Watford Starlight Walk - 22nd June 2013

posted 19 Jul 2013, 10:47 by Timotheus O

Watford Starlight Walk


SERV (Herts & Beds) were again this year asked to provide Motorcycle Escorts for the Starlight Walk where in excess of 1,100 women walk either 6 or 13 miles to raise funds for our local Peace Hospice.


We provided six bike riders and after arriving early to meet with the organisers the route was ridden to familiarise ourselves (which includes taking our bikes through the town’s pedestrian precinct and Cassiobury Park).


The event commenced on time at 21.00 with a sea of women heading into the town all wearing their Starlight T shirts and for this year illuminated bobbling head bands (which made them far easier to see). The event is very well marshalled and organised but we earned our presence assisting in getting the women over some busy junctions as the bikes made managing the traffic far more effective. Throughout the event we continued to provide a visual presence that walkers advised was reassuring.


As the night continued it was traditional for the rain to come and soon after we had a collapsed walker who needed medical attention. The paramedics were soon on scene along the with an ambulance. However, this incident closed the pavement and again we were able to position our bikes to provide a protected ‘corridor’ for the walkers to pass.


After a long evening  refreshments were provided to all entrants (and SERV riders) at the Coliseum. Everyone who took part that we came into contact with had a great time walking and raising funds for an exceptionally good cause and we were delighted to have played a small part into the smooth running of the night.


Duncan C Woods

Route Training 21/04/213

posted 2 May 2013, 02:35 by Timotheus O

Hatfield - AECOM Cheque Presentation 2nd March 2013

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Back in November 2012, SERV Herts & Beds were awarded AECOM’s Staff Community Grant.

“Each year AECOM sets aside corporate funds to offer staff, who give up their own time to work
with charities making a difference for disadvantaged people of all ages, the opportunity to apply for a
grant for a maximum value of £500. The grants are allocated for specific purchases only, and are not
for general fundraising.”
(AECOM Corporate Social Responsibility Review, 2010)

We would like to thank Simon Hammond for nominating SERV H&B for this grant and Aecom for
choosing us for this award, which will be used to sponsor new milk boxes for the transport of donor
breast milk.

Capel Manor - September 9th 2012

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Was it the last day of Summer the 9th September who knows? but for the four volunteers that manned the Gazebo from 9am till 5pm it was, we all agreed, a great day! Stephanie Evans who lives at Capel Manor invited us to the Classic Car and Morris Minor Show,with a view to raising some funds and the profile of SERV Herts and Beds.  We had the full team in attendance by just after nine, and the Gazebo up within 10minutes. As we started to unpack the usual life saving goods such as stove,kettle, teabags,biscuits, Stephanie gave out the following statement "No need for all that I have an arrangement with the Doughnut man" hello we thought whats going on here!   Well if we appeared at the counter with a SERV polo shirt on any item you ordered would be FOC and not just then but all day, Result!!  Suddenly Mark came staggering back from the counter with 4 bags of doughnuts a large coffee and three ice creams and that was just for him!  The rest of us decided to start slow and build up during the day, so three small teas were ordered. 

Our position was excellent in an old courtyard between the two show areas all Classic Cars coming in had to pass within 10 feet of us so we all played a car identification game with lots of, "I had one of those" being said quite often,till the more expensive ones came by then it went quiet.

Over the day we all had some good chats with visitors,some keen to join others wanting to know why we were not funded by the NHS. The three bikes as usual were a great draw for the kids and sometimes the parents entered into the spirit of the day as well.

The Doughnut Company did us proud over the course of the day with bacon and egg rolls at lunch and numerous cups of tea, coffee and bottled water and the odd doughnut.
At the end of the day we had a double surprise as Stephanie was secretly funding the food from the doughnut company, but tables were turned when he put all the money Stephanie had paid him into one of our buckets.
A big thank you to the Doughnut Company (if you see them about at a show remember they are really nice people,buy a doughnut or three)

Thanks to the Team, Mark, Alan, Stephanie and myself (Capt Blood).

Abbey Gardens & Flitwick Tesco & Bikefest - August 18th & 19th 2012

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Well it could not have been better if you had  planned it. Saturday was the heatwave and Sunday was not too shabby either.
So this was one of our busier weekends for quite some time. Three events in in two days,Amanda ByattCare Foundation Fun Day at Waltham Abbey Gardens,which we were asked to support earlier in the year. Flitwick Tesco which was a planned fundraiser and Bikefest at The Herts Fire and Rescue Training School Stevenage.
Alan Wilkinson,Stephanie Evans and in the afternoon John Winchester staffed the SERV Gazebo at Abbey Gardens. Stephanie who had a few days prior to this passed her assessment ride on the Deauville,came up to Aston, left her bike in my garage and took the Deauville to the Fun Day. This day for us was not about fundraising but supporting the Care Foundation which we were pleased to do. Those that went told me that they had a real fun day as everyone was in the party spirit.

On the same day we sent the gruesome twosome (Mark Jenkins and Neil the rapier wit of the pen Langley) to Tesco at Flitwick along with I am taller than you Adrian Vaughan and your nicked John Warner. A successful day even though we were in competition with another charity and the Big Issue seller. The team for all that were well looked after with drinks being brought out by the staff at regular intervals. Reports are that all were pleased when 4pm came round and they could beat a hasty retreat to the cool.  Total Raised £439.58

Sunday arrived and the weather still looked promising. We arrived at 8.30 the site was buzzing with activity.  The trials area was being made in the yard, which involved riding over 6yd skips along old Fire Service ladders and any other rubbish including cars to make it challenging for the rider. Sparky the stunt/daredevil rider was in the second yard and was preparing his bikes. As I went looking for the organiser "Budge Burgess" the Rock Group decided to tune up,so I beat a hasty retreat.
We were soon given a space for our Gazebo which Alan Wilkinson had kindly brought up from Waltham Abbey. Our space this year was double the size and a bit more so all our bikes an equipment were easily stowed and the liveried bikes exhibited.

The day warmed up quickly with some  members changing into shorts from very early on( ok it was me)! I was soon put in my place though by John Wigglesworth who had the proper style dark shorts on. Mine looked better?
Again not a great fundraiser on the day but this year we are to receive a donation from the days takings in due course. 
But what was good, was that we have 10 serious enquiries during the day with all members present doing their share of talking to visitors. Lets hope that some of these enquires develop into full members. This years show was much bigger with more trade stands and more visitors. The theme was bike safety and the show had been funded with £4000.00 to make it work. Thank you Budge and your team for a great job in organising the day.

To our team a big thanks to the following for attending and giving up a Sunday :- Steve Levet, William Susman, Duncan Woods, Alan Wilkinson, Tim Owen, John Dean, Christine Dean, Dave Perks, Mark Jenkins.

Offley Bike Show in The Rain!

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The weatherman does his best, but just when you think they have got it right for your event the weather front swirls your way and down it comes. So began the start of the day for both events we attended to promote SERV Herts and Beds. Arlesey was a Village Fete on the school playing field which was unfortunately rained off last year after we had erected the gazebo made tea and then was informed that the fete was cancelled. Only slightly better luck this year! Our three members who volunteered for this event were:-

Alan Wilkinson,  John Warner, and Steve Levett with the Events El Supremo, Roger the Ego Elvin Popping into to both events to cheer everyone along!

No photos  as the camera was too wet to work and these three are not as good looking as the Offley crew? Well done guys for sticking with it and showing the SERV Flag ( well metaphorically so to speak) as the flag was at Offley.

So What about Offley well it rained and then it rained and about 4pm the sun came out.

But an interesting and eventful day for us with a few things going on.

I arrived just after 10.00am with all the kit inside with the now nearly T cut Red Maverick to be met with some happy faces of our members who had been standing in the rain for 45mins. But that apart the one thing that you can say about Herts and Beds we are a happy band when we get together, whatever the weather!

So my first instruction to the guys was please be careful with the new outer of the gazebo. We have just purchased a complete new outer and had it sign written with our logo. Looks quite good in the pictures.

So once all the equipment was in place it was straight into tea and bickies the staple diet of an HnB Bloodrunner. Tim Owen had brought along his camper van which was to be the chuck wagon which we linked up to the Gazebo and very good it turned out to be both as the kitchen an a meeting room for a couple of high powered meetings regards, how to change the resolution on my camera, and how can I put articles on the website without involving Tim. Others had a weird opinion that I was just trying to keep out of the rain!

The day in general was pretty dismal and we felt for the organisers of the “Great Offley Bike Show” especially as one of the organisers Baz Fowler had passed away recently, but he had made provision for us, in so much that the collection at the funeral would go to SERV Herts and Beds. This money has just been received in the sum of £980.00, of which we have spent £375 on the new outer cover of the Gazebo. We were visited just after lunch by Sandra,  Baz’s  wife. She commended the good work we do and asked if she could sit on the Deauville, we willingly obliged and Steve James took a few photos of Sandra on the bike. A framed print will be given to her at the Great Offley Bike Club presentation evening in the future.

So after bacon rolls with inch thick brown sauce and tea, cooked for the group by Tim and Myself in the Chuck Wagon and our visit from Sandra , we got on with the other highlight of the day. The Presentation of the Deauville.

Mark Jenkins our Senior Trainer had through “Norton Way Honda” Letchworth heard that a low mileage Deauville had come into their possession and was about to be sold. Mark is well known to them and negotiated a deal which involved “Norton Way” Servicing, MOT and Taxing the bike and Mark funding the rest. Over previous weeks we had arranged to have the bike liveried. The livery being purchased from Bluelite Graphics in Sussex. This kit was sent up to us and we arranged for “Character Signs” Aston to fit it locally. On returning to collect the bike we were told that the 6hour fitting charge would be waived because of the charity work we do, again a very generous gesture.

Mark then presented the bike to SERV Herts and Beds and I was very happy to receive this very generous gift from one of our own members. Thank you Mark.

At the end of the Bike Handover we all lined up around the two bikes at the show to create a new photo header for our Facebook Page. Thanks to everyone that turned up.

The afternoon sped by with the Rain,and more tea and more biscuits and less visitors enquiring about what we do.

We took the signal to break camp and beat a retreat to our homes after the usual presentations of best bikes in the show.

Thanks to all who braved the weather namely Steve James, Dave Perks, Helen Lake, Simon Lake, John Wigglesworth, Mark Jenkins, Ian Larman, Adrian Vaughan, Duncan Woods,  Tim Owen, Roger Elvin.




Marlows Shopping Centre July 7th 2012

posted 14 Jul 2012, 05:30 by David Wilson   [ updated 16 Jul 2012, 15:47 by Timotheus O ]

The Marlows Shopping Centre

Hemel Hempstead

Saturday 7th July

Just to please some of you, and annoy others, I am back.

Sensible, well informed, accurate accounts of the day’s proceedings will once again be put on hold at the expense of a few cheap jokes at people’s expense.

The day began at 8.30 with Dave picking me up in his now shiny red car. Well he has used T Cut on it all except the roof…Resisting saying he couldn’t reach.

We arrived at The Marlows shopping centre aware that we would not be able to bring any bikes in but was hopeful that the mini motto would pass scrutiny…..no such luck…..with few props to help we would have to go on a charm offensive with the public.

We did however have our new secret weapon……a new banner to go around the table. After a few lessons in knot tying from ex Fire fighting pin up Dave, we were set up and ready.


The observant among you will spot the SERV flag in the photo. This turned out to be over the permitted six foot and had to be quickly taken down.




With me and Dave in place we were almost ready to begin the day. All we needed was the final member of the top trio to arrive…..

He came in the shape of John


The team was complete. We had been told that we didn’t have to stay in one place, and could move around the shopping centre to find a good spot…

Dave used this to his advantage

The day flew by, Despite Dave going on for long periods about his Squash career.

We chatted to loads of great people and raised some money and awareness along the way.

John was happy to talk to people about motorbikes; turns out he has most of the ones people mentioned in his garden or garage. Not a man who likes to sell things apparently.

Dave was also happy to chat about his return to biking, all ten hours of it.

In fairness, that is most likely 8 hours more than I have done this year.

People soon started talking about bikes that John had never owned of ridden so he made a hasty retreat home..

The day ended at four. We packed up and headed to Dave’s car only to find out he had lost his keys….

They had been handed in at the info desk opposite Ann Summers. No surprise there then!

Thanks to all the people who helped us raise £173 and to the staff at the centre, who despite enforcing the rules, made us very welcome and stopped by for a chat.

p.s. seems a little strange not mentioning Roger “The Ego” Elvin…..

But he is far too important to turn up….next time I guess


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